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Woodworking Adhesive Raw Material Selection
- Jun 28, 2017 -

There are many types of woodworking adhesive, so the synthetic adhesive is also very much raw materials, synthetic adhesives, the choice of raw materials is also very important, if the treatment is not good, will affect the effect of woodworking adhesive, then the choice of woodworking adhesive raw materials in the end What is it?

(1) to meet the technical requirements must ensure that the raw material content or purity, try to use industrial grade products, so that polymerization and woodworking adhesive curing can be normal. If the impurities or excessive moisture, it will affect the performance of the product.

(2) consider the origin of raw materials from different sources, the performance of woodworking adhesive products also have the same effect, with cyclohexane, petroleum cracking is derived with straight chain hydrocarbons, purity is not enough; and benzene hydrogen production of cyclohexane content is high. Petroleum toluene and tar toluene in the performance indicators on no difference, while the smell of petroleum toluene is much smaller than tar toluene. The same is light magnesium oxide, the same quality and some large volume, activity is also high; some of the contrary. If this low activity of light magnesium oxide and resin pre-reaction, inevitably lead to neoprene adhesive layer, precipitation. Different manufacturers of formaldehyde solution produced under the same conditions l07 glue, the result is some of the viscosity, and some small viscosity.

(3) Note that the shelf life of chemical raw materials generally have a shelf life, storage time for a long time the performance of raw materials will change, especially the olefin monomer and unsaturated rubber keys are more sensitive. It is best to use the newly produced raw materials, so as to avoid trouble. For the use of close to or beyond the storage period of raw materials, must be careful, should first do a small test, and then determine the availability or not.

(4) the price is appropriate to ensure the quality of the premise, as far as possible the use of cheaper prices of raw materials, not simply that the more expensive raw material prices the better.