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Woodworking Adhesive Inspection Techniques Are Not Afraid To Be Cheated
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Woodworking adhesive refer to adhesives used in the woodworking industry. Broadly speaking, woodworking can be applied to the industry is very common, but not limited to the woodworking industry. Adhesives in the woodworking industry is essential, then, woodworking adhesive varieties which? How to use the right way to stop the use of woodworking adhesive? The following and Xiaobian together to learn about it.

One, woodworking adhesive varieties

1, wood glue

Woodworking sticks are specially used to bond all kinds of interior wood products, furniture. Milky white, dry when available water clearing, dry and transparent. Non-toxic, non-polluting wood.

Can be bonded to a variety of rough wood, cloth, paper, leather and other information (can not be bonded MDF board). Wood handmade products bonding, or repair furniture, wood frame, all kinds of wooden stool, wooden wine rack, wooden cabinets and broken wood.

2, outdoor woodworking adhesive

Outdoor woodworking adhesives are industrial grade white latex. When dry can be used to clear the water, dry after translucent, can be polished, non-toxic, can be painted, waterproof. Adhesive MDF board. Heat up to 110 ℃, especially for carpentry or factory bonding all kinds of wood products.

Suitable for bonding all kinds of soft and hard wood, MDF medium density fiberboard, fire board, wood and other information and a variety of indoor furniture, wood and other bonding work.

3, polyurethane woodworking glue

Polyurethane Woodworking Adhesive is an advanced woodworking binder. Was brown, dry after the light yellow, and will shrink, and therefore also suitable for bonding / filling small cracks. Non-toxic, anti-pressure, anti-acid and alkali (wood workers meet the acid and alkali will reduce the adhesion). Dry after grinding, dyeing, painting, heat up to 140 ℃.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor wood, glass, MDF board, metal, cement, porcelain, most plastic products, and wood can be bonded to all the information.

Second, the use of woodworking adhesive approach

1, the temperature side

In different times, it is necessary to timely measure the working environment temperature and wood surface temperature. The temperature of the upper and lower, at a certain level on the resolution of plywood glue cross-linked to reflect the speed of speed.

Wood surface temperature and piling time has a close contact.

Puzzle glue at different temperatures, the use of time can be different: in the summer, the mixed puzzle can be used for 30 minutes (that is, the faster the better use); in the winter, after mixing the puzzle Glue can be used for 60 minutes.

2, mixed plastic aspects

The main agent and curing agent should be strictly in accordance with the weight ratio of 100: 15 mixture, and to be evenly stirred evenly.

After mixing the plywood glue, should be used in the disposable time finished.

Mixing is strictly prohibited mixed with wood chips, dust and other impurities or add water.

Prohibit the main agent, curing agent before use with each other.

After taking the plastic should pay attention to sealed.

3, wood moisture content

After the boring wood through the natural resurgence, the moisture content should be controlled within 7-12%.

Wood moisture content of less than 7%, it may cause the wood soaked exudation is too strong and cause the adhesive surface caused by cracking the phenomenon of lack of plastic.

Wood moisture content is too high, will lead to direct penetration of permeability is not good, it is difficult to constitute a plastic nail, cross-linked to reflect the incomplete, it may cause the phenomenon of plastic.

Wood critical moisture content difference should be controlled within 3%.