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What Kinds Of Woodworking Adhesive Are There?
- Jun 06, 2017 -

Woodworking Adhesive, for the furniture industry, is one of the essential raw materials in production, its main role is to the two separate parts of the glue, such as: Wood between the plane, tenon, groove, etc., wood and iron between the bonding. The parts connected by the glue are not removable. Usually in the gluing place to nail or lock screws before the gum dry temporary stability. Different Woodworking Adhesive have different properties and use conditions and methods.

Home decoration, flooring and other plate construction process often used in a lot of wood glue. The type of Woodworking Adhesive more, next, the small part of the series to introduce you to the Woodworking Adhesive are what kind.

1. White latex

White Latex is one of the most commonly used binders, it is sticky texture, at room temperature can be cured, and bonding layer has a very good durability, so at home in the use of the range is also very extensive, the market white latex quality mixed, some counterfeiters will be mixed with starch in the gum to reduce costs, so in the purchase need to see the product voucher, and in the purchase of white latex carefully check its quality, to avoid the colloidal uneven, layered precipitation or a pungent odor of inferior products.

2. Floor Adhesive

The basic function of floor glue is to glue the floor into the whole, in addition there is the functional use of moisture-proof waterproof, the purchase of flooring glue is required from two directions to consider the purchase, respectively, its waterproof performance and curing performance, good floor plastic should reach the D3 level waterproof standard, while in environmental protection performance also have absolute guarantee, avoid causing

Indoor pollution.

3, Adhesive

Universal gum also called 309 glue, in the carpentry construction, also will see. Universal gum solvents generally believe that water (nitro thinner) contains a large number of benzene and other toxic substances, so carpentry construction can not be used.

Universal adhesive is mainly applied to the bonding of finished wood surface laminates. High bonding strength, long life, and difficult to open. Universal gum in the use of the butt on both sides must be gelatinize, to be placed for 10-20 minutes, adhesive surface Non-stick hand docking.