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What Is The Woodworking Adhesive
- Jul 10, 2017 -

Commonly used woodworking adhesive are: 308 oily glue, FD033 water-soluble glue, 3294 oily glue and mortal glue.

Commonly used glue

Woodworking adhesive, for the furniture industry, are one of the important raw materials that are indispensable in production. Its main role is to glue between two separate parts, such as the plane between wood, tenon, groove, etc. Iron between the glue. The glue is connected to the parts are not removable. Usually in the glue to nail or lock the screw before the temporary stability of the dry.

Different woodworking adhesive have different properties and use conditions, methods. And relative to the company commonly used glue mainly in the following categories:

1, A. A glue: colorless transparent liquid, volatile, irritating smell. When used in case of gravity fragile.

Use: commonly used in dry, maintenance and so on.

2, 906A. B plastic: by two different colors of resin-based viscous glue composition, which A plastic was colorless and translucent, B plastic was purple, mixed use of bonding strong.

Use: the tenon between the wood, the groove structure and the connection of iron and wood

Note: When used, A, B glue in proportion to blending, and then directly applied to the glue can be.

3, Wan Nengjiao: yellow colloidal, there are fragrant.

Use: sheet material paste thin skin, such as handmade edge, thin leather surface repair and so on.

Usage: glue the two surfaces were painted universal glue, to be dry to the case of non-stick hand, the glue will be directly

Face can be pressed together.

4, white latex: milky white thick liquid, slightly odor.

Use: angle wood, paste wood, and other product accessories assembly. But not for the main part.

Usage: appropriate dilution of water after the direct brushing in the plastic surface to be dry.

5, puzzle plastic: mainly used for woodworking materials workshop material plane stitching. Usually refers to the small pieces of material splicing

A large piece of material that conforms to the inventory specifications.

6, woodworking adhesive of the iron: the ratio of the main agent: hardener = 1: 1. Must be mixed evenly before use, absolutely can not be coated with the main agent, coated with hardening agent, which will cause hardening is not complete, each time to adjust the glue within 1 hour. Wipe or clean with alcohol, toluene, xylene or IBA, acetone or the above mixture can be wiped clean.