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What Is The Harm Of Woodworking Adhesive To The Body?
- Jul 19, 2017 -

When we decorate, Woodworking Adhesive is one of the common auxiliary materials in home decoration, it can make the surface of all kinds of wooden objects together, but you may not know at the same time Woodworking Adhesive is one of the biggest pollution sources in home decoration. So let's look at what the Woodworking Adhesive does to the body.

First of all, we look at the process of interior decoration there are some harmful factors, what harm will it do to the human body? Because of the different types and intensities of interior decoration materials, working tools and working environment, there are several kinds of Woodworking Adhesive in the following aspects:

1. Formaldehyde, mainly in the urea-formaldehyde resin and phenolic resins made of materials, especially wood-based panels, adhesive content more. Easy to cause headache, dizziness, allergic asthma, allergic purpura, serious can cause tumor.

2. Benzene and homologues, including benzene, toluene, xylene, styrene and so on. Mainly exist in the decoration of the use of paint, a variety of paint coating additives and diluent, a variety of viscose, waterproof materials. Volatile. Acute poisoning will cause damage to the central nervous system, light people appear dizziness, nausea, chest tightness, fatigue and other symptoms, the serious coma, and even death due to respiratory cycle failure. Long-term exposure to low concentrations of benzene can cause chronic benzene poisoning, the occurrence of hematopoietic disorders, severe aplastic anemia or leukemia.

This shows that glue, especially Woodworking Adhesive is the cause of the toxicity of plates and coatings. The main components of wood are natural plants, he is non-toxic, but in the process of making plates to use Woodworking Adhesive, and Woodworking Adhesive contains a lot of formaldehyde and benzene, so toxic substances from the glue. Paint is the same, mainly by the base material (also known as membrane material, adhesives, etc.), pigments, various additives and water (solvents), and so on, which is the main material of toxic substances (adhesives). Therefore, the basic source of the toxic material for home decoration is glue, especially Woodworking Adhesive.

At present, the green building materials on the market can only be counted as standard, in fact the standard is not equal to environmental protection, not to say non-toxic. For example, the floor area is 100 square meters of room, must use at least 150 kilograms of glue. If according to the national standards to calculate, the 150 kg of glue contains 150 grams of formaldehyde (national standard GB19583-2001 provisions: Formaldehyde content is less than 1 grams/kg of gum, only to meet the standards). This 150 grams of formaldehyde in a 250 cubic meters of room in accordance with national standards to play evenly, need at least 6,000 days that is nearly 16.5 years to evaporate.