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What Are The Woodworking Adhesive? Choose A Safe And Easy To Use The Most Important
- Jul 19, 2017 -

The actual home decoration used in the furniture is mostly by the plate through the adhesive splicing design, for the choice of Woodworking Adhesive has more attention, the owner needs to understand it clearly, if the choice is a poor binder, it will have more serious pollution of the room.

This article focuses on the popularization of three kinds of common Woodworking Adhesive for the owners, including their properties, use notes, and how to purchase the knowledge.

A. What gum is white latex?

1. Performance

White latex belongs to water-soluble adhesive, which is the thermoplastic adhesive made by the polymerization reaction of vinyl acetate monomer under the action of initiation. The chemical called polyvinyl acetate adhesive, often referred to as white latex or PVC emulsion. It has the advantages of fast drying, good initial viscosity, excellent operability, strong adhesion, high compressive strength and good heat resistance.

White latex is commonly used to bond paper products (such as wallpaper, etc.), but also as a waterproof coating and wood adhesives, it is also commonly used in printing and bookbinding and furniture manufacturing. Water as a dispersant, wood, paper and fabric adhesion is excellent. After curing, the adhesive layer is colorless and transparent, toughness is strong, and will not cause pollution to the bonded material. The use is safe and non-toxic, belonging to the Nonflammable object, cleaning is also very convenient.

2. Instructions

The use of white latex, the temperature has a certain demand, low can not be less than 7 ℃, high not higher than 95 ℃. White latex dilution, it is necessary to heat up to more than 30 ℃, and then slowly inject more than 30 ℃ of water and stir to even, can not use less than 10 ℃ cold water. Although white latex is safe and non-toxic, but also not edible or splash into the eyes, if such an accident occurs, first use a large amount of water to rinse, and then proceed with the next step.

3. Purchase

Because white latex belongs to petroleum derivative, the cost fluctuates more frequently. Some illegal merchants will be in real goods mixed with some starch, in order to earn greater profits, so the market fake white latex is still very many.

Recommend the selection of products under well-known brands, and see their credentials. In addition, the quality can not be relaxed vigilance. You can test the product by smelling the taste to see if there is a pungent odor. At the same time to see the uniformity of colloid, to observe whether there is stratification, precipitation phenomenon, solidification of white latex is transparent.

In addition to the above-mentioned three kinds of Woodworking Adhesive, but also like glass glue and other glue. When decorating accessories are used, it is always necessary to weigh up some small details. The choice of Woodworking Adhesive should pay special attention to environmental protection, lest the acquired toxic substances affect the health of the occupants.