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What Are The Properties And Uses Of Packaging Adhesive?
- Jun 28, 2017 -

There are many types of Packaging Adhesive, and it is difficult to describe the following characteristics and uses of several major adhesives

(1) paste: paste is made of starch as the main raw material, the starch itself is not soluble in cold water, but in hot water can be expanded into a uniform paste, that is, paste. General starch and water ratio of 1:14, the first starch mixed with cold water, and then heated and extruded from puffing. Paste is white or microstrip yellow, the shape of the fluid, sticky or jelly-like. If the solid less, then the solidification slow, good moisture resistance after drying. If the paste will cause long-term corruption, often add a small amount of preservatives. Packaging adhesive paste a large number of paper-based materials for packaging, such as cartons, cartons sealing, adhesive bags at the end, seams, composite paper, labeling, production of corrugated cardboard.

(2) dextrin: dextrin is the incomplete hydrolysis of starch, white or yellow amorphous powder. Packaging Adhesive dextrin in cold water has a high solubility, soluble in water that is the adhesive, according to the need to produce different viscosity adhesive. Dextrin adhesion is better than paste, and viscosity stability. Dextrin is better than pulp, easy to use, in addition to the use of paste can also replace some of the packaging products, such as corrugated cardboard and other mechanized production needs, in addition, but also for paper and fabric sizing agent and The preparation of ink additives.

(3) water glass: water glass known as sodium silicate, is a water-soluble inorganic binder, soluble in water as colorless, gray or reddish viscous liquid, generally alkaline, the sticky mold Rigid, and poor water resistance, Packaging Adhesive water glass and water used on the ratio is often 1: 2.9 ~ 3.5. Adhesive Water glass is mainly used for bonding corrugated cardboard, can also be bonded cardboard, spiral paper tube; In addition, it can also be used for other adhesives, such as dextrin, casein and other additives.

(4) casein: casein is a protein, insoluble in water, but soluble in dilute alkali and concentrated acid. The casein is dissolved in dilute alkali, plus a small amount of additives Serve adhesives. Its color is light yellow, has good water resistance and good adhesion. In the packaging it can be used for beverage labels waterproof paste, paper cups, paper bags, cigarette boxes of the adhesive can also be used as a composite aluminum foil adhesive, but also for certain adhesives, such as synthetic rubber latex additives.

(5) synthetic glue: packaging adhesive synthetic glue, also known as chemical paste, mainly to carboxymethyl cellulose and polyvinyl alcohol as the main body dissolved in water Serve. Color transparent, if added talc is white, generally add a small amount of formaldehyde as a preservative. Can be used to paste paper boxes, paper bags, labels and other paper packaging, can replace starch paste, and not easy to resurgence, not insects, not easy mold and so on.

(6) solvent-based adhesive: solvent-based adhesive is commonly used in a large class of adhesives, is insoluble in water and soluble in organic solvents, adhesives, generally by one or more synthetic resin Of the modified resin is dissolved in a specific organic solvent and is in a fluid form. Mainly include nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, polyvinyl acetate, polyurethane, polyacrylic acid and other thermoplastic polymers. The color of the adhesive varies with the color of the resin and its characteristics are different. In general, it has a better wet, dry faster, easy to form a uniform, transparent film, strong adhesion. But it is flammable, often with toxicity, resulting in pollution, high cost, so in many occasions has been hot-melt type, water-soluble, emulsion-type adhesive instead. These adhesives are used to make composite films, or pressure sensitive coatings for label pastes and sealing tapes.

(7) Hot-melt adhesives: hot Packaging Adhesive referred to as hot melt adhesive, is a thermoplastic polymer, such as ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer, polyethylene and hydrocarbon polymers, ethylene - Ethyl acrylate, polyamide, polyester as the base material, and then add some additives made. At room temperature was solid, when heated to 95 ~ l20 ℃ when it was liquid. It is easy to stick quickly only 0.5 ~ 4s; strong adhesion, solvent-free poisoning and the risk of fire; wide range of applications, good chemical stability, water resistance; non-toxic, transparent, high economic efficiency, storage and transportation The But it is poor heat resistance, wetness is not good, the operation must be fast, or curing. Hot melt adhesives can be used in packaging for laminates of composite materials, plastic bags, paper bags, cartons, carton bonding, label sticking, and fill the gaps in packaging containers.