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The Most Cost-effective Printing Adhesive
- Jul 10, 2017 -

The printing adhesive is also called printing paste, printing adhesive, which is the main component of the printing paste, different dyes or pigments with adhesive film, fixed on the fiber surface, so as to achieve the purpose of printing. In the printing industry has an irreplaceable position, its application areas are more extensive, cotton, linen, silk, leather, chemical fiber, woolen, blended and other materials, can be applied.

Regardless of which material the printing adhesive is applied to, it is desirable for the printed customers to print the textiles in a soft, high fastness, washable, and this series of technical indicators in the Zhenlong you can find better than The same kind of printing adhesive products on the market, and all this has been the majority of printing users witness.

The most cost-effective printing adhesive, you must directly from the professional printing adhesive manufacturer order, so that the quality of the product will be guaranteed, the price can be fair. In the production of printing adhesive manufacturers, the only Nantong Zhenlong production of printing adhesive products the most cost-effective. 22 years of printing adhesive research and development experience, many printing users across the country certification, online customer service intimate service, so you rest assured that bold procurement, you will never suffer The

If the quality of the product is hard, if the product quality is not good enough, the field of customers will not be thousands of miles to find Nantong Zhen dragon, and I have been able to have today, there are so many printing adhesive users, Reliable, and can be deeply rooted, so it will praise. Only more exciting efforts to the product, the user to pay 200% of the intentions in order to return the vast number of friends friends.