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Prices Of Natural Rubber Imports In China Lack The Right To Speak
- Nov 23, 2016 -

dhesives in China NET information: latest data released by the General Administration of customs show that in September 2014, China imported 320,000 tons of natural rubber in August, representing 280,000 tons of obviously, cumulative imports natural rubber in the first 9 months was 3.05 million tons, an increase of 9.6%. Industry experts said that at present Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia and other main producing countries to establish Union policies such as cutting down trees and limiting the production of stable prices, regulation and control of the rubber market, hidden natural rubber imports in our country.

Experts pointed out that Chinese natural rubber consumption in proportion to total global consumption of natural rubber 1/3, belonging to the natural rubber consumer and importer, but the lack of controls on prices and the right to speak. Due to the geographical conditions, China's planting area of natural rubber to size of 5%, China's natural rubber over dependence on foreign 80%, in the case of supply and demand gap exists for a long time, rubber price fluctuations would have a very negative impact on the downstream industry.