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Present Status Of Construction Adhesive Silicone Sealant
- Nov 23, 2016 -

Due to energy-saving type construction of rise, using compared more of building rubber to Silicon ketone sealed rubber mainly, Silicon ketone sealed rubber is organic Silicon class adhesive, its itself of stick received strong, toughness good, while and can for nature weather of changes and not occurred qualitative change, can achieved most building industry stick received of needs, back new material as domestic adhesive of benchmark, began Yu 1977, in adhesive industry can said is old Bacon, science about both at home and abroad Silicon ketone sealed rubber of status.

Currently the product quality gap is larger. Production of sealants business can be divided into two categories: one is the enterprise started production at an early age, especially engineering rubber enterprises, good reputation, technology, personnel, equipment and other large sealant companies with foreign similar products production, product quality control is strictly controlled, there was virtually no major problems in product quality, only on the research and development capacity needs to be strengthened. Another kind is derived from small businesses in recent years. Because the sealant industry lower threshold, enable low quality personnel of these enterprises, do not have the technical capacity, so the products are of low quality.