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Polyurethane Applied To Enhanced The Longest Railway Tunnel Life
- Nov 23, 2016 -

Adhesives in China NET information: benefits from Getzner Werkstoffe isolation system, polyurethane will be applied to the longest railway tunnel in the world--the Gotthard railway tunnel across the Alps (Gotthard Base Tunnel).

Long 57-kilometer tunnel, used a series of polyurethane superstructure, including 5,000 square meters of metal layers and nearly 400,000 for sleepers elastic embedded padding, both based on PU systems. In addition there are 30,000 rail and fork tie pad to protect metal track and enhance rail life. The railway is expected to be launched in 2016.

Getzner Sylodyn materials are applied to the project's application. For example, monoblock concrete sleepers in tunnel equipped with elastic inserts in the material and the rubber sleeve packaging.

Helmut Bertsch Getzner project manager that the Gotthard is a first-class project, he said: "the track length, technical and logistic aspects, it was better than any previous times and places where tracks are excellent.