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Engineering Adhesives Prospects Getting Better
- Nov 23, 2016 -

With aerospace, new energy vehicles and the development of emerging industries such as high-speed rail track crossing, future wind power using epoxy resin structural adhesive sealant, plastic packaging, solar cells polyurethane coatings, automotive adhesive ultrafiltration membrane water purification equipment, water-side glue, such as engineering adhesives will usher in rapid development. China will focus on the development of organic silicone, epoxy and urethane rubber, part adhesives production growth rate will exceed 15%.

China domestic like back, and Han high these engineering adhesive of leading enterprise also increasingly attention this block of development, this year in Shanghai held of 15th session adhesive and sealed agent exhibition Shang, Han high also brings of engineering adhesive of some technology, especially anode into film technology and sealed technology, for customer provides full of solution programme; and back rubber industry not only also participate in has participants, and back rubber industry in November 11 Taihu Lake strategy seminar Shang also on 2013 engineering adhesive of development planning made has analysis and discussion, Established goals.