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Construction Sealant Is Mainly Used For The Following:
- Nov 23, 2016 -

(1) in housing and the civil building Shang of sealed application: including senior buildings embedded Board and within wall seams, doors and Windows framework and doors and Windows glass of seams, glass curtain wall embedded sewing stick received sealed, prefabricated concrete Board, and marble, of seams, Super NET plant and cold storage of seams, kitchen around gap of filled, shower room, and tub, and urinal around of sealed,, high grade road, and bridge, and aircraft runway expansion joints of embedded sewing sealed, high frame road anti-wall expansion joints embedded sewing, various material sewer, and underground gas pipeline, and Wiring circuit pipe connection seal pipe joints, subway tunnels and other underground tunnel and connections with seal.

(2) the application of energy-saving glass in doors and Windows: energy saving door and window insulation and sealed in China is to encourage the development of key energy-saving technologies, one of the representatives of the energy-saving materials and insulating glass is doors and Windows. On the midheaven glass two seals, silicone sealant resistant to aging, life, environmental protection and performance is much better than traditional polyurethane or polysulfide sealant, so an increasing number of two insulating glass sealant use silicone sealant.

(3) silicone structural sealant is a special kind of plastic glass, can be directly used for glass curtain wall of the metal and glass structure or non-structural bonding Assembly and structure of silicone structural sealant quality requirements and product quality is the tallest of the plastic glass,