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Chinese Tires Can Withstand Continuous Double Reverse
- Nov 23, 2016 -

Adhesives in China NET information: "the Chinese tire industry is most afraid of, is that other countries follow the United States, brought against Chinese tyre products ' double ' investigation. "A few days ago, insiders expressed some concerns to reporters.

On October 15, the first China (Qingdao) rubber industrial exhibition, world rubber day Forum on the press conference, Xu, Vice Secretary-General of the China rubber industry association made a similar point of view.

Xu said that United States tires to China "double reverse" investigation had entered a critical stage, pay close attention to the EU and other countries are now United States follow on Chinese tires were "double reverse" If the European Union is also "double reverse", it was in trouble.

According to press reports, the rubber Expo by China Petroleum and chemical industry association, the China rubber industry association and co-sponsored by the Valley of the rubber, China-ASEAN Expo and Qingdao University of science and technology, and other units of the secretariat coordinator.