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Adhesives-determination Of Viscosity Standards
- Nov 23, 2016 -

National standard of people's Republic of

GB/T 2794-1995

Instead of GB2794-81

Adhesives-determination of viscosity

Determination methods for viscosity of adhesives

1 subject matter and scope

This standard specifies a rotation viscometer and viscosity Cup method to determine the viscosity of adhesives.

Rotating viscometer method of this standard applies to Newtonian fluids or similar adhesive viscosity of Newtonian fluid characteristics.

Viscosity Cup method for 50mL of this standard out adhesive viscosity determination in the 30~100s of the sample.

2 principle

2. 1 rotation viscometers measure the viscosity is the viscosity, which is based on the apparent viscosity with shear rate changes were reversible.

2. 2 viscosity cups to measure conditions of viscosity is the viscosity, it is with a certain volume of provisions under certain temperature, adhesive from the outflow of the diameter of the hole in the viscosity of the song says.