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A Method Of Making For Furniture Making Adhesive
- May 19, 2017 -

The invention discloses a method for preparing wood Furniture Making Adhesive system. The main raw material is waste foam, dissolving it by adding solvent, adding a certain amount of tackifier and packing, and making wood furniture by process And plywood for secondary processing of the adhesive used. The raw material source of the invention is extremely rich, the cost is low, the process flow is short, the process control is simple and convenient, and the production process has no waste discharge. So the use of the production process will solve the long-term environmental protection can not solve the problem of white garbage, turning waste into treasure, resulting in huge social and economic benefits.

Furniture Making Adhesive With the rapid development of modern industrial processes and the increasingly developed chemical and chemical industry, in the current large industrial background, people face a variety of cancer and strange disease, resulting in more and more worry, environmental protection, is not a Hypocritical topic, but an important issue related to the quality of life and life. Luxurious solid wood furnishings, including custom furniture, are also ordered.

Furniture Making Adhesive The following are the same as the "

For the choice of furniture, we need to face a variety of puzzle, furniture production must be raw materials - glue is one of them. Life we have to face a variety of glue, we can not stay away from. Unfortunately, most people do not understand I tried to use simple language and popular explanation, let you know about the world of glue, what kind of confusion and the answer, and I also with you, untie these veils. Know the benefits, will use, know how dangerous, can learn to avoid.

Furniture Making Adhesive belongs to the chemical industry, chemical industry is one of the most professional areas of industry, it is also a dangerous companion in life. There are many types of glue, only one epoxy resin, it derived more than 100 varieties, I believe you will be dizzy, so I will be the longest home life in the glue encountered, to one by one demonstration, mainly around the furniture Talk, the other less involved.