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Special type rubber that has some special properties of rubber. Are:(2)
- Nov 23, 2016 -

③ silicone rubber. SILICONE

Made up of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms in the main chain, in the organic Group on the silicon atom. High and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, good electrical insulation. Working temperature:-40 ℃ ﹋ 220 ℃; oil is preferred, temperature-resistant, wear-resistant, oil resistant! Particularly suitable for automotive engine in which the crankshaft oil seal is not temperature sensitive, volatile oils (diesel, petrol), wear resistance, oxygen, ozone and sunlight (UV) resistance.

④ VITON. Viton

Synthetic rubber containing fluorine atoms in the structure. Typically fluoride copolymer unit to represent the number of fluorine atoms, fluorine rubber, 23, is on the two fluorine ethylene with chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymer. Fluoro rubber resistant to high temperature, oil and chemical resistance. Oil-resistant, high temperature resistance, resistance to chemicals, also has acid properties. Working temperature:-30 ℃ 280 ℃. For Jet engine crankshaft oil seals, timing oil seal, have also been used in pharmacy of the O-rings and seal rings

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