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Mold surface treatment technology
- Nov 23, 2016 -

Heat treatment is an important process to insure the performance. Below has a direct impact on the performance of the mould.

Mold manufacturing accuracy: transformation of uneven, incomplete and heat treatment residual stresses caused by too large for the formation of mold after heat treatment processing, Assembly and tooling used in the process of deformation, thus reducing the precision of mold or even scrapped.

Mold strength: improper heat treatment process design, heat treatment of irregular operation or heat treatment equipment is not in good condition, causing the mold strength (hardness) do not meet design requirements.

Mould life: caused by heat treatment, such as organizational structure, grain exceeding, resulting in major performance such as die toughness, decreased heat fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, effect on working life.

Mould manufacturing costs: as intermediate or final process of mold manufacturing process, cracking and deformation caused by heat treatment and properties of the variance of the variance, and in most cases will make the scrap, even through the patch may continue to use, will also increase working hours, extended delivery, mould manufacturing costs.

Heat treatment technology and quality have a very close relationship, making the two techniques in the process of modernization and promote each other, only to improve together. In the 1980 of the 20th century, the international heat treatment technology a fast-developing field of vacuum heat treatment technology, mold surface hardening technologies and mould material pre-hardening techniques.