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Mold of vacuum heat treating technology
- Nov 23, 2016 -

Vacuum heat treatment technology in recent years, the development of a new type of heat treatment technology, it's features, is urgently needed in mold manufacturing, such as preventing heat oxidation and removal of carbon, vacuum degassed or degassing, elimination of hydrogen embrittlement to improve material (part), plasticity, toughness and fatigue strength. Smaller temperature difference between inside and outside the vacuum slowly, parts and other factors, determines the deformation of vacuum heat treatment process causes small.

By using different cooling media, vacuum quenching can be divided into a vacuum, vacuum oil quenching gas cooling quench, vacuum and vacuum nitrate Water quenched austempering. Mold is mainly used in the vacuum heat treatment vacuum oil quenching, vacuum and vacuum gas-quenching and tempering. To keep the workpiece (such as mould) excellent characteristics of vacuum, coolant and cooling process of selection and very important, quenching process using oil cooling and air cooling.

No longer machining after heat treatment of die faces, hardening as possible after vacuum tempering, especially vacuum quenching workpieces (die), it can improve the surface quality of mechanical properties, surface brightness, such as fatigue, corrosion, and so on.

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