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Method of improving the properties of the polyurethane resin
- Nov 23, 2016 -

Advantages of polyurethane is very much, so it is widely used in: paints, inks, adhesives, leather, artificial leather, gloves, lubricants and so on. In leather finishing agents, for example: in the leather manufacturing process is an important part of the finishing. It can increase the beauty and durability of leather, improve grades, increase varieties and expanding scope of use. Film formation of polyurethane finishing agent performance, strong covering power, bond, the physical properties of the coating, can greatly improve the grade of leather, are highly valued and widespread attention.

Most waterborne PU is mainly composed of self-emulsifying preparation, containing hydrophilic PU for main curing composition, coating when dry into Crosslinking of hydrophilic component is not an effective network, formed by dry film water swelling. In addition to its lack of bi-component solvent based PU coating the goods at the Crosslinking density and high relative molecular mass, and the aqueous dispersion coating water resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance and low gloss, severely limiting its scope of use. Therefore, increased Crosslinking density of film is often used to improve the water resistance of emulsion. There are two methods commonly used cross-linking: when one is in the synthesis of PU prepolymer, polyhydroxy compounds join functionality is greater than 2, direct production of crosslinked PU prepolymer, the prepolymer is well dispersed in water and chain-forming molecules, eventually forming the emulsion.