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injection molding:
- Nov 23, 2016 -

injection molding rigid polyurethane production process, Airbrush. Production Shi, first will two component material mixing uniform, respectively loaded into storage tank within, by ratio requirements regulation 5min within of flow, errors shall not over 2%, material by gear pump 3 and lost material tube 8 into gun 10 within, compression air 9 makes two group in gun 10 within mixed uniform, atomization Hou Jet to undertake surface, gun to undertake surface of distance for 200-500mm, Jet forming poly ammonia fat foam of process conditions for: white time for 3-7s, too block easy jam gun, too slow is easy loss, Expansion and environmental temperature on a regular basis, the need for flexibility of spray speed, often in 4-5ky/min, atomized air pressure 0.5-0.6mpa (5-6 kg/Cm2), temperature control, following the surface temperature should be greater than 10 ° c, temperature is around 20 degrees, the temperature of the hot air into the spray gun

40-80 c