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Factors influencing the casting of rigid foam follows:
- Nov 23, 2016 -

measuring accuracy. In the production process, measurement accuracy should be within a 2% control, environmental temperature suitable temperature 20-30 ℃, the temperature of raw material can be slightly higher, when the ambient temperature is-5, can be produced, but white, President of the time, large capacity c mold temperature. Low temperatures can make the product density, epidermal thickness: II operation time control, the material in the foam mix to stay around 10s, cream time of injection mold filling and expansion of 30-60s (gel) for 2-3min: ⑤ maturation (cure). Gel foam should be cured before release. Release time and inversely as the heating time, heating to 65 degrees, 6h release, when heated to 802-90, release time for 4H, when heated to 100 degrees, release time for 2H, when drawing, foam required cooling to room temperature.