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Can solve the water problems oil PU and PU products. The series is introduced as follows:
- Nov 23, 2016 -

And adhesives:

The series of modified organic silicon cross-linking agent, can be reinforced synthetic leather with different substrates and polyurethane coating material adhesion between and corresponding increase in the coating and adhesion, at the same time bring resistance to hydrolysis and smooth feeling. Replaced the aziridine crosslinker.

Second, wetting agents:

This series of product design for the improvement of polyurethane coating materials and polyurethane coating materials and of different substrate wetting at the same time as the foams of polyurethane synthetic leather conditioner and leveling agents.

Third, the agent:

The products are mainly used for improving the coating's muscular, thus improving the ultimate leather handle and surface mobility. The product does not contain hydroxyl groups, can be used as an effective wetting agents and agent.

Four, leveling agent:

This series of products can give the smooth surface of polyurethane synthetic leather. In wet process improved bass surface moisture, leveling; in the dry process, improve stickiness-proof PU leather, and has a silky feel.