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Furniture Making Adhesive

  • Mattress Making Adhesive

    Mattress Making Adhesive

    Furniture Making Hot melt Mattress Making Adhesive
    Appearance: Amber Blcok
    Main Content: Resin
    To bond materials such as foam to foam, foam to fabric, or spring pocket, for sofa and mattress etc.
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  • Edge Banding Adhesive

    Edge Banding Adhesive

    Furniture Making Edge Banding Adhesive
    Solid Content: 100%
    Main Content: EVA
    Application: Hot melt adhesive for Edge banding
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  • Lamination Adhesive

    Lamination Adhesive

    Furniture Making PVC Lamination Adhesive
    Main Content: PVA
    Fast setting,High viscosity
    For coating particleboard,MDF and gypsum board with PVC,paper,veneer etc.
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